What materials are used in the Snug Camp Mat?

  1. Our Snug Camp Mat is made using durable, premium poly materials that provide both wet proof and comfort.

Is the Snug Camp Mat suitable for all seasons?

Yes, the Snug Camp Mat is designed for all seasons. It keeps you warm in colder months and comfortable during warmer seasons.

How much does the Snug Camp Mat weigh?

The Snug Camp Mat weighs approximately 2.5kgs, making it lightweight and portable.

What dimensions does the Snug Camp Mat have?

The Snug Camp Mat measures 60cm in width, 200cm in length, and 20cm in thickness.

How should I clean the Snug Camp Mat?

To clean your Snug Camp Mat, simply wipe it down with a mild soap and warm water, then let it air dry. You can also hose it off easily.

Can I use the Snug Camp Mat on rocky or uneven terrain?

Yes, the Snug Camp Mat is designed to be robust and can be used on rocky or uneven terrain. However, to prevent punctures, try to clear the area of sharp objects before use.

Besides camping, what other uses does the Snug Camp Mat have?

Besides camping, the Snug Camp Mat can be used for picnics, outdoor concerts, beach outings, or a pet bed.

Are there any accessories included with the Snug Camp Mat?

Each Snug Camp Mat comes with a waterproof carrying bag for easy transport and storage. Other accessories can be purchased separately on our website.

Where are your products made?

All products are made locally in Australia! Support Aussie-made! 🇦🇺

Shipping & Warranty

How long does it take for my order to be shipped?

Once your order is placed, it typically takes 1-2 business days for it to be shipped.

What is your return policy?

We have a 100-day return policy. If you're not satisfied with your Snug Camp Mat, you can return it within 100 days of purchase. To return your Snug Camp Mat, contact our customer service team who will guide you through the process.

Does the Snug Camp Mat come with a warranty?

Yes, the Snug Camp Mat comes with a one-year warranty covering manufacturing defects.

Do you offer any discounts for bulk orders?

We offer discounts on bulk orders. Please contact our customer service team for more information.